Solitaire De Parnell

We value quality.
We appreciate the quiet elegance of simplicity.
We believe in everyday luxury.
We love jewellery.

Solitaire De Parnell’s collection of fine jewellery primarily showcases Italian designer jewellery brands renowned for their longstanding mastery of design and quality. Each piece is handcrafted by master craftspeople who blend their knowledge and expertise with the refined tradition of Italian design to represent the true spirit of “Made in Italy”. This collection is complemented by additional European brands and remarkable vintage pieces sourced from New York that captivate the heart.

Revel in an array of styles curated to evoke feelings of delight and wonderment, from daytime enjoyment to night-time sophistication. Solitaire De Parnell jewellery presents precious stones from across the world, including diamonds from Antwerp and New York, Colombian emeralds, and Burmese sapphires and rubies.

In addition to pieces featuring jewels, discover ingenious jewellery designs incorporating the perfection of nature, including turquoise, Mediterranean coral and other wonderments of mother nature to wear and love.

Solitaire De Parnell’s ability to source the most beautifully refined collections of extraordinary pieces is enticingly different and exciting. The selection of jewellery ranges from European brands winning awards for their modern design approach and unique production techniques to glamourous pieces and refined vintage jewellery, all sourced from renowned branded jewellers.

The journey behind Solitaire De Parnell began more than two decades ago when Abi Tobia, originally an art painter, transitioned into the world of jewellery with an unwavering appreciation for the arts and the value of aesthetics. In her early years, Abi discovered her love of jewellery and gemstones through her mother, a passionate and highly experienced jewellery collector. Today, driven by her passion and relying on twenty-plus years of experience in the fine jewellery field, Abi embarks on an entrepreneurial venture, establishing a jewellery enterprise seamlessly blending her artistic affections and her profound expertise in the world of jewellery in both local and international markets—bringing Solitaire De Parnell to life.

Solitaire De Parnell is committed to a distinctive brand philosophy built upon experience and engaging warmth and care with our clientele. We carefully procure exceptional pieces embodying the essence of our brand and its exclusive connection with our customers.  Our thorough selection process places the quality, value, and beauty of the jewellery at the forefront.

Beyond the mere exchange of jewellery, Solitaire De Parnell imparts stories, sentiments, aesthetics, and trust. Experience and knowledge converge in perfect synergy to deliver pieces of remarkable distinction.