Pear Shape Old European Cut 2.45ct Diamond & Old Mine Cut 4.75ct Diamond Drop Earrings – Diamond Tw 7.20ct. Gold 18k TW 9.95g

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The earrings feature pear-shaped diamonds with an Old European cut. This cut is known for its vintage charm and distinctive faceting, characterized by larger facets and a smaller table compared to modern brilliant cuts.

Additionally, the earrings include old mine cut diamond drops. The old mine cut is another antique diamond cut, known for its cushion-shaped outline and larger facets. The 4.75-carat weight suggests the combined weight of both old mine cut diamonds.

The total diamond weight for the earrings is 7.20 carats, combining the carat weights of both the pear-shaped Old European cut diamonds and the old mine cut diamond drops.

Overall, these earrings boast a substantial total diamond weight and are crafted from 18-karat gold, making them a sophisticated and elegant choice for any occasion. Their combination of antique diamond cuts adds to their unique appeal, reflecting both timeless beauty and vintage charm.